Education at <i>Video Art in Canada</i>
The Stories Within Us Written by the Body Machine Language

In this section, educators will find tools and resources designed to engage students in the Video Art in Canada online exhibition, to encourage further research, to promote critical thinking and writing skills, and to expand students’ approaches to video making techniques.

The featured lesson plans suggest ways to explore the key issues raised by the video works exhibited on this site and the critical questions they pose. They include discussion questions as well as assignments for students and are accompanied by key term definitions and suggested readings. These lesson plans are suitable for educators both new to, and versed in, the subject of video art.

This section has been developed in partnership with the Ontario College of Art and Design, with the participation of the Faculty of Art Integrated Media Program and Wendy Coburn, Richard Fung, Johanna Householder, Andrew McAllister and BH Yael.

Lesson plans correspond to each exhibition theme: Lesson plan 1 is for The Stories Within Us, Lesson plan 2 is for Written by the Body, and Lesson plan 3 is for Machine Language.

The text Looking at Video Art provides a useful starting point to explore the way video art challenges how we look at moving images.

The Links section provides extensive online resources for further research about the Website’s featured artists, Canadian video and media art organizations, and video art history, as well as video- and art-related glossaries, dictionaries, key term definitions, and more.

The Further Readings section provides full bibliographic listings for all works cited on this site, and includes additional texts to complement the study of video art topics.

All of the video works exhibited on this site, many of which are excerpted from longer works, are available in their entirety for educational screenings or library collections from their respective distributors: Vtape, Electronic Arts Intermix, and Vidéographe. Distributors are listed under each video clip title on each artist’s video clips page.

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